About Racers 4 Autism

About Racers 4 Autism

Racers For Autism is a not-for-profit organization formed to make a meaningful impact on individuals with Autism, their families and support centers by organizing fund-raising events intricately tied to the racing community, while concurrently disseminating vital information on where individuals can access necessary help and resources. The funds raised through these events will be channeled to various charities committed to supporting the Autism and Neuro-diverse communities. The Corporation has a profound commitment to fostering awareness and acceptance of Autism within society, and believes that through the synergy of fundraising, resource allocation and advocacy, a more inclusive world can be created where individuals with Autism are not just accepted but are celebrated for their unique abilities.

In 2022 and 2023 we raised thousands of dollars for The Autism Society Greater Hudson Region, New York and Bring On The Spectrum.

The Autism Society Greater Hudson Region, New York is a collective of people dedicated to providing resources and opportunities to the autism community in the 21 counties they serve. Their board, staff, and volunteers consist of individuals with autism, family members, and professionals who work with ASD populations. Their board of directors is a productive group of individuals with autism, families, and professionals from the autism community.

Bring on the Spectrum is a 501 (c ) 3. whose mission is to support neurodiverse individuals with opportunities to achieve their best quality of life as a respected member of the Capital Region. They achieve this through social, recreational and lifestyle activities for individuals of all ages and abilities.


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