Race Info

Race Info


The Race is Friday September 6, 2024 and the rain date is Friday September 27, 2024.

Info as of May 2024.  SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Only Hoosier D60’s allowed
No Fire Bottle required
2950 minimum weight
3 spin rule will be in effect

Track follows Dirt Car rules except for the few exceptions mentioned above and on their website.
ALL CARS must go through a pre-tech the night of the race and will receive an Upstate Chevy Dealers Tech sticker

There will be a pre-tech option for drivers the week prior if they want to be safe and know in advance if anything needs to be changed.

ALL DRIVERS MUST be signed in by 5:30PM
Prior to the race, there will be a driver’s meeting.
All drivers will be required to go to the Upstate Chevy Dealers Meet/Greet Autograph session at some point between hot-laps and heat races.
In attendance on the grass, we will have both Autism Charities and the Upstate Chevy Dealers.

The Feature race is 49 laps.
The cars that qualify for the race will pull out onto the track and nose into the front stretch and drivers will get out and be announced prior to the start of the race.
As drivers are being mentioned they will have the opportunity to throw shirts /hats into the stands for the fans.
Drivers will do a few 4-wide parade laps as a salute to all those affected by autism in any way.
Caution laps count for the 1st 24 laps. However, under any caution only 3 laps will count, after that the lap counter is frozen until we go green. After lap 24, no cautions count.

After the race, the top three stop on the front stretch for a trophy and big check presentation. Representatives from Upstate Chevy Dealers and the Autism foundations will also come out on the front stretch. The $10,000 check will be presented by Upstate Chevy Dealers.

Top 5 drivers go to scales.
Top 3 go to tech.
The top 3 finishers may have his / her engine pulled for tech inspection.

All rules and decisions are from Albany-Saratoga Speedway track officials.

Race Details

  • 32 cars qualify and will start the race.
  • 28 cars qualify through heat races
  • All remaining cars will run a 25 lap B-Main. The winner of the B-Main will start 32nd in the Autism Acceptance Race.
  • The remaining 3 cars qualify through:
    • 2 Provisionals spots go to past winners of the Autism race if needed.
    • The remaining Provisional(s) are picked through a random drawing of all pro-stock drivers who did not already qualify and had perfect attendance at their respective racetrack or series in the Northeast or Canada.

The B-Main pays $700 to win and has a total purse of $2,450.
The feature pays $10,000 to win and has a total purse of $29,750.
As long as the winner of the B-Main takes the green flag in the feature, that driver is guaranteed a total $1,000 purse. $700 to win the B-main and at least $300 to take the green in the feature.


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